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Ikou, ikou, everybody let's go! ~ Shonen Knife, a live report

This is an entry I wrote in my journal about a Shonen Knife concert in Santa Ana, that was originally supposed to be a "Meetup" event. I'm reposting it here with minor changes. It's not that great of a report as I originally wrote it more for my own memories, but it is relevant to this comm.

I went to a Shonen Knife show [on March 28th] at the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana. They were fun. They're so cute! ^_^ Naoko (main vocals, guitar) talked a lot between songs. She mentioned that they were from Osaka and a Japanese guy in the back yelled, "Osaka daisuki!" lol She also talked about their new album that will be coming out soon in Japan (no date set for the U.S.) called Genki Shock. She went on to explain what genki means, then a guy in the front yelled, "Tell us what ichiban means!" When she said that it means #1, everyone applauded and yelled and stuff, so she said thank you. ehehe That very front row of people were funny, doing their own makeshift kind of parapara. It made me laugh 'cause the middle front were mostly boys who wouldn't seem the 'cutesy' type on first look. lol

Their new drummer, Itsuko (who took over for Atsuko, who moved to bass after Miki Fujitani left the band), is so cute! An all-girl rockabilly band called, the Gore Gore Girls, played before them, and their drummer's upper body was so rigid while playing. It looked awkward. But Itsuko bobs her head back and forth and happily sings along, even though she doesn't have a mic. And she's just a little thing but didn't seem tired at all. She makes me want to play drums. lol They make me want to be in a band! Not that I can play an instrument, but if I could I'd like drums or rhythm guitar. Sometimes Naoko and Atsuko (they're sisters) would do this back and forth, half swaying/half headbanging kind of movement in unison while playing. They seemed to enjoy themselves. They played a varied selection of songs since their first four albums, which were previously unreleased in the US, were reissued here. They played 'Riding on the Rocket' which I love, so I was happy. They also did a cover of The Ramones' I Wanna Be Sedated as one of their encores.

After the show, I bought the reissue of their first album 'Burning Farm'. Then I was able to meet Naoko. She's tiny! I think she's shorter than even me. She signed my CD, complete with bunny doodle and a happy face on the sun in the album art. ^^;; I wish I had brought my camera. But that's okay. It was a fun show.
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